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                TIME MACHINE RENTALS

Tired of paying current market price? Tired of having to send lectures and sometimes downright rude emails to gun dealers to let them know you paid $100 for that gun 10 years ago and/or what you think their products should be priced at? Then I have the rental for you! Time Machine Rentals, just $20 per hour. Go back to 2005 where Mosin Nagants were $69! Bypass today's current price that's dictated by the importers(not the dealer) and skip the line entirely. The Crate has several models of time machine available to include the "Old Fashioned"(Comfy red leather chair with a bunch of doodads) and the Delorean sports model for those that want to go 88MPH. Spending countless hours posting about what you "paid 10 years ago" is literally a thing of the past with the time machine rental!


                                                           First come first served! Rental spots are limited.

Not responsible for any injury/historical change. Past prices not guaranteed. Not available to the states of California or Hawaii. Pregnant mothers or those with heart issues excluded from rental. Must be a grumpy collector who thinks his opinion matters and will magically change the current market price if they complain enough. No guarantees offered or implied. Offer expires 12/12/22. The above is HUMOR!

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