Buying Collections

If you have just a few guns to sell, I always suggest trying to sell them on your own to maximize profit. If you have a collection of 20+ firearms, it can be downright frustrating trying to sell them all! You take them to the local gun store and they want to give you 40 cents on the dollar or you do it yourself and deal with pictures, descriptions, posting/managing your ad, finding boxes and packing material, receiving payments/licenses, packing, shipping and returns. It's a lot for someone to do that's not set up as a store. I buy entire collections and WILL COME TO YOU! No distance is too great depending on the collection size. And 9 times out of 10 I beat the local stores offer on your collection. Why? Because I have no employees and no storefront to pay for, so I can afford to offer you more for your collection.



Consignment is great because the more you make, the more I make. Compared to an auction house which generally charges 25% from the seller and then a 25% premium fee to the buyer(which collapses the selling price due to less bids), I have a flat rate of 20%.

Turn around time on consignment is usually about 30 days for every 50 firearms. I drive to you and do all the work!

When you're ready to sell or consign, please have a list of what you have and a price you want for them before emailing me. I DO NOT need pictures.

Finders Fee Paid

I always take care of those who take care of me. Have a friend that wants to sell their collection? Know of a little old lady down the road trying to sell off some WW2 firearms? If I buy the collection I'll make sure you either get an item you want or just outright cash finders fee as my thanks!