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          How ordering works at the Crate

I put a new list of guns up every couple of weeks on the shop page. I have a "preview day" where no orders are accepted to give folks a day to view everything without feeling rushed. The next day the items will go up for sale at 10AM ET when I open and can be ordered at that time. 

Orders are not accepted before 10AM on the sale day.

Find the item(s) you want and complete the order form at bottom of the shop page. I will call or email by days end.

Credit Cards(+3%) - USPS Money Orders - **NO** CHECKS/PAYPAL


With every item being unique and 90% of orders coming in within just seconds of 10AM I will sometimes not be able to fill your order.

I understand this can be frustrating which is why I suggest listing items you want in order of preference in case your first choice is sold.

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