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                  About The Mosin Crate - Est 2014

I started collecting at 15 years old when I found a Finnish M91 Mosin Nagant at the local antique mall. Soon after I joined several gun forums and was soaking up as much knowledge as I could. Fast forward to 2014, I combined that passion with an online store, and here it is! The Crate continues to be a one employee store that focuses on the individual customer and product. Things are done differently here with a "Revolving stock" policy of different items posted for each new list of guns that go up for sale. From Russian 91/30s rifles to Swiss K31s and Israeli Jerichos, I've had it all here at the Crate!

Take a look around the website and if I can help you with anything, do not hesitate to press that "contact" button above.

- Alden

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