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 Shipping/H - Pistols $35 - Rifles $55

Most firearms go USPS. C&R Pistols ship UPS. Rifles going to AK/HI + $20 shipping.  Each additional handgun after the 1st in same order ships for $10. Sorry NO combined shipping on rifles. - All firearms ship with signature confirmation.


Tracking #s will be emailed by the evening of the above listed date.(Check spam.) - Emailing for updates before then will not make things go quicker.(Going as fast as I can.)

Milsurp Rifles **SOLD OUT**

Various military surplus rifles. These are all used war rifles so expect typical dings, dents, small cracks and likely needing cleaning/grease. Anything major will be mentioned below and/or the video. Some states to not recognize C&R.

#12 is sold as is IN THE WRAP. No guarantee on whats underneath. I know thats a pig n a poke but that's how I received it a year+ back.

#5 has a crack behind the tang.(see video) It is NOT import marked.

#3 was purchased sight unseen, I had hoped it would be nicer. I apologize for the price but it's just a little bit over cost. Should be a decent shooter grade.


Please be sure to watch the video of these HERE​.

               AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE 2/27 @ 10AM ET

 My ordering process is a bit different. If this is your first time, please CLICK HERE.

Conditions: P-Poor - F-Fair - G-Good - V-Very Good - X-Excellent - N-New - B-AS IS

#1 - Arisaka T99 Kokura W/Mum 7.7 - G - $639**SOLD**

#2 - Arisaka T99 Nagoya W/Mum 7.7 - G - $539**SOLD**

#3 - German K98k DOT44 8mm - F/G - $769**SOLD**

#4 - Izhevsk Ex Drag 91/30 7.62x54r - G - $549**SOLD**

#5 - Italian Carcano Rifle 1941 6.5 - G - $419**SOLD**

#6 - Smith Corona 03a3 30-06 - V - $1199**SOLD**

#7 - French Mas 36 7.5 - G/V - $689**SOLD**

#8 - M43 Spanish Mauser 8mm - G - $569**SOLD**

#9 - Spanish Destroyer Carbine 9mm Largo - G - $429*SOLD*

#10 - Yugo M24/47 8mm - G - $509**SOLD**

#11 - Yugo M59/66 SKS 7.62x39 - G - $589**SOLD**

#12 - 1948 Iz M44 Mummy Wrapped - B - $599**SOLD**

#13 - Czech VZ52 7.62x45 - G - $659**SOLD**

#14 - Egyptian FN49 8mm - V - $1099**SOLD**


There's a ton of demand for surplus right now. I'll list up 50 guns and receive 100+ orders within seconds of 10AM. This means 50+ people even with ordering on the dot at 10AM will not get their order filled. When you click the order button, your order goes to my inbox where all orders are organized via timestamp by google. I'll then spend the rest of the day(one man show here so it takes a while sometimes) calling people one at a time. If I can't fill your order then I'll always email by days end.

 In short, ordering right at 10AM does not guarantee your order will be filled, it can sometimes take ordering a few different times to get your order filled. That's just sadly the current supply/demand. - I get this way of ordering is not for everyone but it's how I've done it since opening nearly 10 years ago and it works well for me.

If I could fill every order, I absolutely would. But until then I'm doing my best to get in as much inventory as possible to keep up. Thanks for reading! - Alden

ORDER FORM  Feel free to include multiple choices listed in order of preference!

Everything I have is listed above. If you don't see it, I don't have it!

Your order has been received!

Military surplus firearms are USED firearms that will show signs of use from dings and scratches to rust and cracks. I try my best to describe anything that is not considered typical of surplus wear. Smaller things like scratches/dings I leave the pictures to tell the story. Ask all questions before agreeing to purchase from the Mosin Crate. By purchasing you are agreeing to the policy/return/warranty listed on the policy page. Surplus Firearms can have hidden issues, always have any firearm checked by a competent/licensed gunsmith before firing. - All prices shown are at a 3% cash discount. The Mosin Crate accepts credit/debt cards(+3%) over the phone or mailed USPS Money Orders ONLY at this time.

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