Shipping - Rifles $36 - Pistols $28 - USPS Priority W/Signature

 Items ship out within 7 days. Tracking is emailed when item(s) ship. Insurance is $2 per $100 value.(Optional)*

(*)C&R Pistols going to a C&R 03 holder MUST go UPS/Fedex, ships for $35. Items going to AK/HI are + $7 shipping.  Unless my packing is to blame I will NOT be held liable for damage/loss in shipping so insurance is encouraged.


PUERTO RICAN GLOCKS: I may be getting a small amount of the PR police Glock 22 pistols(no more 23s are expected) in mid October. I DO NOT do preorder/wait lists under ANY circumstance. If you would like to be notified when they show up/are available, please go on the contact page and subscribe to the newsletter. You will be emailed when more show up.

AMMO: At this time I do not expect any more WW2 German era ammo. I will likely be getting in some small lots of oddball munitions in .303 and 8mm. I am NOT doing preorders/want lists as I never do those(and am not 100% sure what's coming.)


                                        9/20 ORDER UPDATE - SHIPPING

All 9/20 orders are shipping out Friday 24th. At this time I have received EVERYONES FFL license and ALL the orders are packed/heading out. Please check your spam folder for the tracking information which is automatically emailed on Friday.

Puerto Rico Police Glocks


Back in stock after over a year. Puerto Rican police crest marked Glock 22 and Glock 23 pistols in 40. These are in very good surplus condition with most of the wear being around the grips(some have a lot more grip wear than others.) Beautiful PR police crests that stand out from other glocks. **PLEASE NOTE I AM ONLY TAKING CARD PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME**. Because of this inconvenience there is NO card fee this list only. These are being sold as dealers choice. Please see the video for better condition details. **LIMIT OF TWO PER CUSTOMER**

DEALERS CHOICE? - Glock 22 and 23

Because I have 50+ of these and the condition is all similar, these are being put up as "Dealers choice", meaning one will be randomly selected from the group. You will receive a glock in similar condition to those in the video below(surplus very good). 100% chosen at radom. NO requests whatsoever.


GLOCK 22s (the 3 pictured at right) are very low police serial number pistols. 3, 4 and 5. They are being sold individually(meaning you can pick which of the three you want since they are being sold based on their police department serial).

CAN I OWN THESE IN MY STATE? - Please consult with your receiving FFL/store.

MY STATE WONT ALLOW THE MAGAZINE! - I can ship your handgun without the magazine but please note there is no discount for the magazine and I WILL NOT ship it separately to another state.

        Please be sure to watch the video of these HERE​.

                                        Surplus Condition Codes

   P-Poor - F-Fair - G-Good - V-Very Good - X-Excellent - N-New - B-BGradeASIS

                AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE 9/20 @ 10AM ET

  My ordering process is a bit different here. If this is your first time, CLICK HERE.


#G23 - Glock 23 Puerto Rican .40 DC - V - $439 **SOLD OUT**

#G22 - Glock 22 Puerto Rican .40  DC - V - $439 **SOLD OUT**


#G3 - Glock 22 Full PR Police Serial 3 .40 - V - $489**SOLD**

#G4 - Glock 22 Full PR Police Serial 4 .40 - V - $489**SOLD**

#G5 - Glock 22 Full PR Police Serial 5 .40 - V - $489**SOLD**

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Alden's Stuff - Random Guns

Selling off a good # of my guns as I need the funds elsewhere. Everything I have was chosen either due to rarity or condition and while none of the prices below are "deals", they are either uncommon or beautiful. Everything on "Alden's Stuff" list is sold AS IS all sales final. You can order these right now as you're reading this.(Unlike the glocks which go available on 9/20).

**PLEASE NOTE I AM ONLY TAKING CARD PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME**. Because of this inconvenience for some, I will eat the processing fees.(Meaning NO 3% fee.)


1. Bulgarian Makarov "Black Sea Fleet" Pistol

2. Bulgarian Makarov "Triple Color" Pistol

3. Bulgarian Makarov "Black Sea Fleet" Pisol

4. Bulgarian Makarov nearly unissued condition pistol.

5. Bulgarian Makarov all black.(Safety is VERY dark plum) Very nice shape.

6. Pre Victory S&W Revolver, Lend Lease 38 S&W - NZ marked. (C&R eligible)


7. Rem 700 Deluxe THIN BLUE LINE .308 (One of only a handful made.) NEW

8. Tac 21 Remington Sniper Rifle .338 Lapua - NEW never fired.

Please note that the Thin Blue Line rifles tend to bring around $3000 and this is the NICEST one I have ever seen by far(why I kept it.) Likewise the Tac 21s in 338 tend to bring $3000+, so this is another price I doubt you'll be able to ever beat new or used.(and this one is brand new) Shipping insurance is REQUIRED on both of these due to their high value. It may also take me up to 7 days to ship as I must source boxes big enough(especially for the HUGE .338 rifle) to ship.

        Please be sure to watch the video of these HERE​.

                                        Surplus Condition Codes

   P-Poor - F-Fair - G-Good - V-Very Good - X-Excellent - N-New - B-BGradeASIS


#A1 - Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 BSF - B - $649**SOLD**

#A2 - Bulgarian Makarov Dual Tone 9x18 - B - $529**SOLD**

#A3 - Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 BSF - B - $649**SOLD**

#A4 - Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 Like Unissued - B - $599**SOLD**

#A5 - Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 - B - $569**SOLD**

#A6 - S&W Pre Victory 38SW NZ - B - $619**SOLD**

#A7 - Rem 700 THIN BLUE LINE .308 - N - $2799

#A8 - Rem Tac21 Sniper 338 Lapua Mag - N - $2199**SOLD**

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Please note I cannot accept orders until Monday 9/20 @ 10AM for this latest list. Pls see the "how to order" pg above for details!

Demand for surplus has skyrocketed over the past year and it's hard for me to get in enough inventory to keep up. Usually I'll list up 100+ items but have 200+ orders come in for them. PLEASE understand that clicking send right at 10AM does not guarantee I will be able to fill your order, even if you clicked send right at the stroke of 10am.. Until demand dies down or a large increase in imported firearms volume happens, this is sadly where we are. Thanks for reading!

ORDER FORM  Feel free to include multiple choices listed in order of preference!

Everything I have is listed above. If you don't see it, I don't have it!

Your order has been received!


Military surplus firearms are USED firearms that will show signs of use from dings and scratches to rust and cracks. I try my best to describe anything that is not considered typical of surplus wear. Smaller things like scratches/dings I leave the pictures to tell the story. Ask all questions before agreeing to purchase from the Mosin Crate. By purchasing you are agreeing to the policy/return/warranty listed on the policy page. Surplus Firearms can have hidden issues, always have any firearm checked by a competent/licensed gunsmith before firing. - All prices shown are at a 3% cash discount. The Mosin Crate accepts credit/debt cards(+3%) over the phone or mailed USPS Money Orders ONLY at this time.