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 Shipping/H - Pistols $35 - Rifles $55

Most firearms go USPS. C&R Pistols ship UPS. Rifles going to AK/HI + $20 shipping.  Each additional handgun after the 1st in same order ships for $10. Sorry NO combined shipping on rifles. - All firearms ship with signature confirmation.


Tracking #s will be emailed by the evening of the above listed date.(Check spam.) - Emailing for updates before then will not make things go quicker.(Going as fast as I can.)

Swiss K31 - 7.5x55 *JUST ADDED!

Surplus Swiss K31 straight pull bolt action rifles in 7.5x55. Most would agree that these are the most accurate standard issue surplus rifle you could own. The quality is fantastic and I'm grading them from good to good/very good.

Bolt, receiver and barrel WILL be matching. The magazines are original mags and most of those match as well. I have not checked under the butt plate for a troop tag(when the rifle was issued, the soldier that received it would put a piece of paper under the butt plate with their name, rank, home town, address and usually date of birth and maybe even a phone number.) and will leave that up to the future owners, I cannot guarantee each has one. Having just six of these, I did not think it fair to send a newsletter/video out to tens of thousands of people, so there's no video and no 10am rule on these, they are available RIGHT NOW as you're reading this. These ARE C&R eligible. I almost forgot to mention the import marks are really small and at the muzzle.



#4 is a "Private Series" K31. These are quite uncommon. Only 300 were produced in 1954. This one has several schutzenfest stickers on the stock.

#5 is serial # 266455 which means I cannot date it exactly, these odd serial numbers pop up from time to time. On most sites it's listed as a special group of rifles ordered for the military. I'm unsure why they are special so if anyone knows, let me know. I'm pricing it(and #6) simply due to the nice condition.

                                        Surplus Condition Codes

   P-Poor - F-Fair - G-Good - V-Very Good - X-Excellent - N-New - B-BGrade AS IS

#1 - Swiss K31 1943 7.5x55 - G - $599**SOLD**

#2 - Swiss K31 1951 7.5x55 - G - $625**SOLD**

#3 - Swiss K31 1943 7.5x55 - G/V - $669**SOLD**

#4 - Swiss K31 PRIV SER 1954 7.5x55 - G/V - $839*SOLD*

#5 - Swiss K31 266k SN 7.5x55 - G/V - $739**SOLD**

#6 - Swiss K31 1941 7.5x55 - G/V - $749**SOLD**

Walther P38 9mm**SOLD OUT**

West German Walther P38 - These pistols are in 9mm, come with one magazine. These are post WW2 production with aluminum frames. Small import mark is discretely hidden on the bottom of the slide. Some are a bit dirty/cosmoline covered and will need a quick clean. - I paid extra to get the "very good" condition pistols from the importer which I feel these are between good and very good, so that's how I've graded them! I'll leave it up to you to judge if the nicer condition is worth the $10-20 premium over the "good" grades sold elsewhere right now. - C&R eligible. - Only 30 available.


One pistol will be randomly selected from the group shown in the video. These are chosen 100% at random and requests are not accepted. I always say, look at the worst one in the video/picture, and if it looks good to you, you'll be thrilled with any one you get! I sort/grade these personally, if they do not meet my grade, I do not ship them. Period! - Marked as #DC item.

        Please be sure to watch the video of these HERE​.

                                        Surplus Condition Codes

   P-Poor - F-Fair - G-Good - V-Very Good - X-Excellent - N-New - B-BGrade AS IS

                AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE 5/31 @ 10AM ET

  My ordering process is a bit different here. If this is your first time, CLICK HERE.


#DC - Walther W.German P38 9mm - G/V - $569**SOLD OUT**

ORDER FORM  Feel free to include multiple choices listed in order of preference!

Everything I have is listed above. If you don't see it, I don't have it!

Your order has been received!

Military surplus firearms are USED firearms that will show signs of use from dings and scratches to rust and cracks. I try my best to describe anything that is not considered typical of surplus wear. Smaller things like scratches/dings I leave the pictures to tell the story. Ask all questions before agreeing to purchase from the Mosin Crate. By purchasing you are agreeing to the policy/return/warranty listed on the policy page. Surplus Firearms can have hidden issues, always have any firearm checked by a competent/licensed gunsmith before firing. - All prices shown are at a 3% cash discount. The Mosin Crate accepts credit/debt cards(+3%) over the phone or mailed USPS Money Orders ONLY at this time.

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